Our Story

Our founder is a former educator for Teach for America, who very early in his career recognized the accessibility and affordability challenges that students have to overcome in order to succeed in higher education. Teaching bright students in New York City, many of whom talked earnestly about serving the public and becoming the next generation of lawyers, he began to seriously consider whether they would be able to afford the types of tools they would need in order to succeed. Unfortunately, many resources in the education space were built on outdated technology, were overly expensive, or weren’t made accessible to all students. In addition, graduating from law school and earning a J.D. doesn’t automatically guarantee top placements or top salaries the same way that graduating with an MBA or M.D. traditionally did—and they often graduated with more student debt. Realizing that these problems were real, he set out to create a company that would positively affect the next generation of law students and legal scholars.

The mission was simple: Create tools in the law school space that allow for all students to succeed. Develop resources that open up the entire law school process and make law school success a reality for all students, regardless of circumstance.

The American Law Foundation was created to help students realize their dreams. Our tools are modern, of high quality, and affordable to everyone. LawTransferUp supports law students, in the spring of their 1L year, who seek to increase the value of their legal education investment, regardless of LSAT or undergraduate GPA. By helping students before they start law school to succeed in the critical first year, we then illuminate the pathway for students to explore transferring to a school that will provide greater opportunities after law school. First-year performance impacts transfer options; transfer options impact bar passage, career placement, and how your skills and credentials are perceived in the profession.

LawFit completes the circle by helping students realize where exactly they fit in the legal world. As law students think about what electives to take in the 2L and 3L years, and where to clerk during the summer, they can receive individualized information and guidance about the specific fields where they will most succeed and how to find jobs in those fields.

From LawTransferUp to LawFit, we envision supporting students before, during, and after law school.

Our belief is that education should be as accessible as possible for people who want to work hard. If you’re a law student, you’re industrious and you want to make an impact on society. So, it’s our job to help you improve yourself and to help you maximize your impact on society. To do that, we need to provide you with innovative tools to achieve your goals and provide you with stellar materials at a low cost. The values that were important to our founder as a K-12 educator are equally significant to legal education.